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Aren’t they pretty? Trials and Tribulations of Online Dating is in the blue one, but I can’t wait to read them all!

Seventeen friends-to-lovers stories in two volumes, coming mid-September.

Their eyes had met a thousand times, their smiles always easy and honest. All it takes is that one moment for everything to change. When their eyes are opened, no longer does “just friends” seem good enough.
Fall in love with Unintentional, a collection of friends-to-lovers HEA stories. Happy ever afters really do come true.

Unintentional – International

Unintentional – North America

Samantha Hasting is a woman sick of living in a rut. Her whole life revolves around her work and her best friends. She wants to meet new people, hopefully including a man who makes her heart beat faster, so she signs up for online dating.

As Sam embarks on her dating adventures, her best friend—and friend with benefits—Levi, is her constant, a shoulder to cry on and buddy to laugh with. It’s only after she meets and starts dating Jack that she realizes maybe Levi means more to her than she’d thought. Maybe the man who makes her heart beat faster was right there all along.


MP900341477It’s that time again! I leave for a lovely little holiday in a week and a half, and I’m feeling generous!

The Prize: $20 Amazon gift card & random swag from my stash

So what do you need to do? Trawl through my website and find the answers to these questions:

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What are the names of the lead characters in Diving in Deep?

Where do Jeannie and Tim first get it on?

What professions do Daniel and Blake have?

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Contest closes on Sunday July 22nd.

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