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Upcoming Release!

blakeschoice_800 (2)I have news! Did you read One Night in a Bar? If you didn’t, shame on you!

Coming soon is the companion story, Blake’s Choice. For those of you who wanted to know if Mandy gets a happy-ever-after, the answer is YES!

Sex with a rock god? Yes please! The day after the night before has never been so good

Amanda Coyle is sure she knows the man sitting in the corner. She’s seen him every week, and he’s very familiar…not to mention incredibly hot. If only she could be sure it’s not the Most Wanted list that she knows him from.

Former rock god Blake Hawley would do anything to avoid the limelight…although he’s willing to make an exception when a sexy blonde asks him to fuck her.

Can Blake and Mandy work through the trauma in his past to build a trusting relationship? Or is it just hot sex between them?

When’s the release? I’m glad you asked!

Preorder: 29th April 2013

Prerelease: 13th May 2013

General Release: 10th June 2013

In the meantime, how great is the cover?!

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Happy Release Day!

Woot! One Night in a Bar is now on sale! Read an excerpt or buy it now!

Also, I’m going to spend this week in a flurry of guest blogging – today I’m with Maggie Nash

You can find me at the following stops over the next week:

June 26th S. Dora

June 27th Jennifer Jakes

June 28th Virginia Cavanaugh

Upcoming release

You know you need a break from writing when…

…you start contextualizing everything erotically.

“Louisa, can you do the dishes?” soap, suds, slippery, mmm…

“I have to go to the supermarket.” trapped after hours, hunky stock boy, whipped cream, mmm…

“Spring cleaning today.” feather duster, clean sheets, sudsy water, mmm…

Those are just the unlikely ones. I don’t need to demonstrate the obvious, do I? So, I’m going to flip the erotic switch to off and go watch some cartoons. And not any of the naughty ones!

Just a reminder that One Night in a Bar is coming out June 25th!