Upcoming release

Upcoming Release!

ashford-castle (2)So, where have I been hiding? You wouldn’t believe me if I told you! However, during my hibernation I met some very interesting ladies, and did some collaborating on a series…

When I was eighteen, I went on a trip to the USA – the first of many – and met a lovely Irish lad who was also there on holiday. Our very brief interlude has always stuck with me, so when some of my fellow Ellora’s Cave authors started talking about a series set in an Irish castle, I was intrigued. Because, let’s face it, that accent in a deep male voice makes my spine tingle!

Better yet, Castle Tullamore isn’t just any old castle converted to a hotel – there’s magic involved! I don’t usually write paranormal, despite reading it avidly, but the fun of this series meant that while some of my fellow Tullamore authors plunged quite deeply into magic, I could satisfy myself with the merest hint – a skeptic might even say it was easily explained away.

Without rambling any further, I’d like to introduce you to the Emerald Isle Fantasies series… my next release, Irish Allure, is due out on April 8th, which gives you plenty of time to catch up on the other stories in the series and get familiar with Castle Tullamore.

What’s that? You’d like a blurb? Stay tuned – it’s coming in the next few days, along with cover art!

P.S. For those of you who like castles, the picture attached to this post is of Ashford Castle, which we (loosely) based Tullamore on.

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