Comfort Reading

Some days arenWTTemptation‘t worth getting out of bed for. Sometimes you know it from the second the alarm goes off, other times it takes a bit longer, but there are days that are just a waste of space. And the big problem with a crap day is that it lingers, leaving a dingy miasma on the next few days as well.

This is when I like to pull on some comfy clothes – if I can get away with p.j.’s that’s my preference – and curl up with some comfort authors.

My first choice is ALWAYS Welcome to Temptation by Jennifer Crusie. Always. It never fails to make my mood lighten. I like to follow it with Faking It, just because I love Davy. Then, depending on my frame of mind, I’ll wash away the lingering gray with either Julia Quinn’s Bridgertons or Nalini Singh’s Psy-Changeling universe. If the pall still hovers, I break out the big guns and have a J.D Robb marathon. There are very few bad days that can stand up to Eve and Roarke!

So, who do you turn to for comfort?

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