Fairytales vs Romance

B&BFor years and years, when asked what my favorite fairytale is, I’ve always answered ‘Beauty and the Beast’. Why? I didn’t have a clue.

The other day I watched the Disney movie, Enchanted, for the first time. For those of you who haven’t seen it, it’s a fabulous amalgamation of the classic Disney movies, the ultimate fairytale with a modern twist. I loved it right off. The fact that Patrick Dempsey is in it didn’t hurt, of course.

The point is, after seeing the movie, it struck me why B&B has always been my favorite. The hero and heroine actually get to know each other.

Think about it. Cinderella and her prince fall in love during a dance. Snow White and Sleeping Beauty both meet their princes when they wake from comas. Ariel can’t talk with her prince, and so he ends up almost marrying someone else (depending on the version. I dislike the one where he actually does marry someone else and Ariel dies).

But only in Beauty and the Beast do our hero and heroine actually talk to each other before the happy ever after. They talk, they play, eat and read and get to know who they really are, both together and apart (okay, so I’m investing this story with depth that may not actually be there, but you know what I mean). This is a story that appeals to a modern audience. Once upon a time, ending up with a Prince, no matter who he was, may have been enough to ensure happy ever after, but personally I want to know who I’m waking up with the day after the wedding.

So, I put on my B&B dvd to watch the magic again…and noticed exactly how clever the people at Disney are. That wonderful scene, the one where Belle and The Beast are dancing in the ballroom? That scene that always made me sigh and wish that the days of ballrooms and gowns and dancing would return? That ultimately romantic, wonderful moment in time? Well, it’s been replicated, in non-animated human format, at the end of Enchanted. And it’s just as eminently romantic and sigh-worthy.

If you haven’t seen Beauty and the Beast, or Enchanted, I strongly recommend that you run out and buy copies. Don’t bother with renting, it will cost you more in the long run!

So, if I had to choose the fairytale or romance, I want romance. I want the moments that make your chest ache. The happy ever after is something my man and I can work on together.

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