It’s all about Personal Style

Fashion imageMost of the time, when I think of style, it’s about writing style. This time, however, I’m branching out into the mainstream, and thinking about fashion style.

I was shopping with some friends not long ago, and one of them pointed out a skirt to the other. “That would look so good on you,” she said. My other friend looked at it and replied, “It’s not really my style.” They were both right, it would have looked fantastic but she’d never worn anything like it before. However, it got me thinking: what’s my style?

A review of my wardrobe did nothing but confuse me. There are some gorgeous, delicate sundresses I bought when I was going through a regency reading marathon; the chunky boots and worn-in jeans from my motorcycle club ebook extravaganza; cargo pants and plain tees I found while reading that commando series; track suits and tank tops from the extremely comfortable time I worked my way through books starring athletes, despite the fact that exercise is completely anathema to me. There are more examples I can give, but I think you’ve noticed the pattern by now.

I borrow my style from the characters in books I’m reading.

This is a vaguely terrifying thought. How can I have no style of my own? I asked a friend, and she was extremely unhelpful. Instead of sagely soothing my fears (as the characters in books do), she laughed and advised me not to read anything starring naturists. Ha ha.

Desperate, I rifled through my wardrobe, looking for clothing that doesn’t correlate to a book I was reading at the time of purchase. It took a while, but eventually I found it. My personal style. My weakness. I may buy them to match characters, but I also buy a LOT just for me.


Specifically, pretty shoes. Shoes in bright colors. Shoes with bling. Shoes that are completely impractical and will make my feet scream with agony after just a short time. So I guess, if we judge personal style by my shoes, we can say that I’m mostly the girly type. I can live with that.

So, what does your wardrobe say about you?

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