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Sneak Peek at One Night in a Bar

His body was hard against hers, his hands trailing fire as they slid down her back and settled low on her hips. Karen stroked her fingers up the nape of his neck, twining them through the silky strands of his dark hair. She’d never really understood what dirty dancing was. Her stomach flipped somersaults, and, lower, her pussy clenched in anticipation.

She licked her lips, tipping her face up to his. His heavy-lidded eyes burned hot as he lowered his head. He kissed her, lips soft, goatee brushing the skin around her mouth as tingles ran down her spine. His mouth opened and his tongue traced over her lips and suddenly she was no longer thinking about anything—there was only heat and sensation and sex. His dick was hard and pulsing against her pelvis and she pressed against it, undulating. His grip tightened on her hips and he ground into her, making her knees weak.

By the time he lifted his head, she was putty. His dark, dark gaze roamed over her face, sending fire through her body, and her pussy wept over his sexy smile.

“Do you want to go for a walk?” His gravel and whisky voice sent shivers down her spine. “Maybe find somewhere more private?”

She jerked her head in a nod. She leaned into him as they threaded through the other couples on the dance floor. He paused at the edge, slid an arm around her and glanced around the room.

“This way.” He guided her towards the short corridor that led to the bathrooms, stopping at a door marked ‘Exit’. He pushed the metal bar and seconds later they were in an alley. His mouth descended on hers as he backed her against the wall. She struggled to get him closer.

“Daniel,” she gasped, grinding her pelvis against him, “hurry up!”

He choked out a laugh as he yanked her top down, exposing her breasts. She moaned as the silky hair on his face brushed her sensitive skin, and yelped when he grazed his teeth over her nipple. He laved her with his tongue and settled in with a strong, womb-tugging suckling. She let her head fall back against the wall. Somewhere in the back of her mind she knew she’d have a bruise later, but she didn’t care. She fisted her hands in his hair and enjoyed the sensations he stirred in her.

He switched from one breast to the other, allowing cool night air to touch her damp, newly exposed nipple. “Urngh!” Combined with the hot, wet pull of his mouth at her other breast, the sensation had her inner muscles clamping down desperately. Grabbing his shoulders, she pushed her pelvis into his and wrapped her leg awkwardly around him, needing the pressure of his cock against her pussy. He broke away from her breast and ran his hands down her sides, over her hips, removing her leg from his body despite her noises of protest. When he knelt before her, she shut up. Is he going to…? He lifted her skirt and yanked at her panties. She pumped her hips, cream sliding from her in anticipation. She’d only ever been eaten out once, and she’d loved it.

Want to read more? Release date is Monday June 25th, and you can pre-order now!

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