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After new covers and new titles, I’m relaunching two of my books with a bang! Formerly The Bunny and the Billionaire and The Athlete and the Aristocrat, these books are now available for preorder at sale prices! Grab Charming Him while it’s just 99c, and Offside Rules for $2.99! 

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out of the office ebook

Whoever thought achieving career goals could be boring? Not Duncan Witten, but here he is at forty-one, in his dream job… and hating it. Throw it all away for a challenge? Yes, please!

If only Dunc had known his challenging new job came with Paul Hanks, a man who redefines “stubborn.” They need to work together to meet targets, but thanks to Dunc’s idiot predecessor, Paul won’t take his calls or reply to emails.

There’s only one solution: travel across the country and confront Paul face-to-face. It’s time to take things out of the office.




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